Frequently asked questions—Merewether


Merewether Mufflers & Mechanical is the local mechanic that always has your back. We understand that life is busy and you need to get back on the road quickly. It is why we provide affordable mechanic services. With hands-on assistance, quality parts and solutions for every budget, we are your trusted auto repair and servicing workshop.

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about auto repairs and services.
What is preventative maintenance?
The purpose of preventative maintenance is to ensure that your vehicle continues to run as efficiently as the day you drove it away from the showroom. Our routine maintenance services focus on replacing your wipers, replace spark plugs, distributor caps and ignition wires, replacing air filters, oil changes, hose inspections, battery servicing, tyre pressure checks and tuning, brake fluid flushes, power steering servicing and more.
What does my “check engine” light mean?
What can I do to stop my car overheating?
Do I have to get my car serviced at a dealer?