Auto repairs in Merewether


Merewether Mufflers & Mechanical is there to help you with any auto repairs at competitive rates. We are the workshop you should visit when there is something wrong with your car. We have the latest car diagnostic equipment & a vast wealth of experience in most makes and models to guarantee you the best service every time.
The mechanic doing the job is the person you speak to, and no additional work will be carried out without your permission.
Car Repair — Vehicle Servicing & Repairs in Merewether, NSW

Vehicle Assessment


All our repairs start with a vehicle assessment. We want to get a full understanding of what is wrong with your car before we do any work on it. A comprehensive evaluation allows us to decide on the best option for repairs. Please note, we do not do automatic transmissions or tyres.

High-Quality Parts


Anyone who has worked with cars can tell you that even the best serviceman cannot polish a low-quality part. It is why our family business provides you with high-quality, genuine parts for every type of repair. We have parts in stock from brands such as Bendix, QFM, ACDelco and Bosch, and use oils from Repsol & Fuchs.

Mechanical Repairs

When any part develops a minor or major issue, it can have an impact on performance and efficiency. Whether you hear an unfamiliar knocking or notice your car is running hot, it could indicate a mechanical issue. At Merewether Mufflers & Mechanical, we offer maintenance and repair for your engine, steering, suspension, electrical system and more.

Brake Repairs

Have you noticed that your brakes do not bring the car to an instant stop the way they did before? Any performance issue with your brakes could indicate a more severe problem. Your brakes can wear out over time, which is why our repair and replacement service will allow your car to get back to its optimal performance.


If your car is riding roughly or your tyre treads are uneven, it could indicate an issue with the suspension. We can inspect your vehicle, perform any routine maintenance or minor suspension repairs, or replace parts within the suspension.